“The meaning of a logo derives from the quality of what it symbolizes, not the other way around.” – Paul Rand

The “logo” is a symbol that identifies a product, brand, project, individual, etc.

It is one of the most important parts of the brand image and its objective is to create recognition and impact on the public we are addressing.

Although calling logo to any image that represents a brand is the easiest way to let us understand, it is not the correct way to refer to these, since there are different types of logos that everyone in the field of design should know and know how to identify. Let’s see what they are!


After starting to read the post you will be asking, then, what can we really call the logo? These refer to the identifiers formed only by a typeface.


Isotypes, contrary to logos, are those that do not have typography but can be recognized only by a symbol.


These are the union of text and symbol that although both conform to the brand, they can work separately as they are not directly linked, that is, they can use only the symbol, text or sounds without affecting their functionality.


They are shaped by text and symbol as the imagotypes, but unlike this, they can not be separated, one does not work without the other. In most cases we find the text inside the image or vice versa.

Carolina García Torres

Carolina García Torres

Designer specialized in the user experience (UX) is what a person feels when using a product, service or system and user interface design (UI) that allows the interaction of a user with a computer system.

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