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What is a domain name or DNS?

DNS (Domain Name System) is used to interpret and recognize the IP address of the server where the domain we want to access is hosted.

For people it is easier to remember a domain name than the numbers in the IP address, the DNS domain name servers, “translate” the domain name into an IP address. If the dynamic IP address changes, it is sufficient to update the information in the DNS server. The rest of the people will continue to access the device by the domain name.

One of the ip of facebook is( ), you can try putting that ip address in your browser and it will take you to his site, since this would be the same as putting your domain name (

Top-level domain or domain extensions

In short, what is after our domain name, be it .com, .org, .site, .tv, .google (yes, google has its own), etc. also known as TLD (top-level domain).

What is a web hosting?

It is the service that provides Internet users with a system to store information, images, video, or any content accessible via the web. It is an analogy of “accommodation in hotels or rooms” where one occupies a specific place, in this case the analogy web hosting or hosting of web pages, refers to the place occupied by a web page, website, system, email, files etc. on the internet or more specifically on a server that usually hosts several applications or web pages.

On the internet there is a lot of information about it, but in case something is not clear, do not hesitate to leave us a comment or contact us, we will be pleased to assist you.

Choosing a good domain name

First of all remember that the domain name is an essential part of our online presence, a bad decision at this point will be a burden that we will drag forever.

To choose a correct domain name, we recommend you follow three basic principles:

  • Relevant to your business
  • Memorable for your clients.
  • Usable.


A quick solution when choosing domain is to use the name of your business as long as it complies with the three basic principles, if not, we recommend using abbreviations of the name or different combinations of it. A short name is a good choice, it makes it easy to be memorable and usable.

Everyone wants to have a domain extension “.com”, but we recommend the correct use of extensions. In this way, if your portal corresponds to a television channel, the extension .tv would do very well; in the SEO field, the .ninja is becoming more widespread; the radios opt for the .fm, etc.


Is not the same “” to “” this last one is relevant, it can be easily memorized and it is usable, besides the .shop will allow your clients to know what a store is.

Recommended Domain and Hosting Services

The following are the ones we have tested and have a good service and support, both in the purchase of Domains and Hosting.



There are many more, but guided by an expert to guide you in the acquisition process, a bad purchase can become a big problem for your company.

Why are there different hosting plans?

Hosting plans go, from dedicated hosting to shared, the latter, are the most used today.

A shared hosting is in which a server hosts multiple sites that share the available resources.

The more economical

The more expensive

  • More resources.
  • Better performance in loading times.
  • Large capacity for large volumes of data.

The hosting is not everything in terms of performance, a very good hosting, but with a badly scheduled or too loaded site can take long load times.

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